How often have you wanted to say thank you to your parents or spouse or even a friend for looking after your children! Give them a meaningful gift that everyone can benefit from. Now you can thank them by gifting them a voucher for a first aid course. So that they are more confident while looking after anyone, young or old. You are not limiting yourself to learning first aid only for babies or small children but also how to react to a life threatening situation involving an adult. Just let us know if you would like voucher A, B or C and enclose your mailing address. We will deliver it per post at no extra cost!


Voucher A : worth CHF 90 for 1 person in a group session (2.5 hours).

Voucher B : worth CHF 180 for 2 persons in a group session (2.5 hours).

Voucher C : worth CHF 450 for a minimum of 2 persons to a group of 6 participants in a private session (3 hours) at our Studio in Seefeld. (This is popular among groups of friends or family members attending together)

**Kindly note that we accommodate participants receiving gift vouchers only at the latest, 2 weeks after receipt of vouchers. Recipients can check out our website for suitable dates (we recommend to do this at least a month in advance as all our courses get booked out the moment we publish dates!). Thank you.


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